Ascension 2016 (Quartet)

Inspired by true life events. Ascension is a journey through the life of someone who has survived many close encounters with death. Through these experiences the main character ascends spiritually, emotionally, perseveres, finds acceptance and is grateful to have been so fortunate while many in their inner circle have not. The piece concludes with everyone ascending in one way or another.

Photo By Rachel Neville


A brand new work created for 4 dancers set to the gorgeous music of Leo Janacek. This piece in many ways is inspired by the genius of Kylian and many of the Modern / Contemporary masters of choreography. Idyll meaning a beautiful moment in time is Mr. Morales’s way of expressing this beautiful moment in his life. A moment of pride, honor, love, respect and a culmination of the many years of creating. This piece is meant to invoke the beauty and pride in all of us. When we transcend our physical power to the next level and become one with the universe.

Photo by Rachel Neville

For You (Solo)

This is a new work created for Special Guest Artist Antonio Douthit-Boyd of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Set to the music of Sir Elton John it is a statement on the power of loving and being loved in a mature and unselfish way. Through this you are freed and free to be yourself.

Photo by Rachel Neville

Ablution (Solo)

Set to the Music of JS Bach’s Violin Sonata in G, this solo is a look into a deep personal struggle between this world and the spirit world, between faith and a lack of faith.“Ablution”, meaning a washing or cleansing of the soul, has been performed by men and women and has been praised by The NY Times Jack Anderson, Author and Theologian Barry Ulanov and dance enthusiast Philip Gardner.

Photo by Rachel Neville

Life after Life (Solo)

Set to the stirring organ music of Messien, this solo is an exploration of life and life suddenly cut short. Inspired by the death of friend and mentor Leni Wylliams, this solo in two sections is a reflection of his life and many others who have died much too early.

Photo by Kokyat

Transitions (Duet)

Transitions is set to the first 2 movements of Ravels Scheherazade. This duet is a look into a troubled relationship in which both participants,even though they are strongly attracted to each other, know it cannot work.

Photo by Kokyat

Circumstances (Trio)

A Piece set for 3 dancers in 3 sections using the music of Bach, Chopin and Couperin. This piece looks into the problems we create when we are not happy in our current “circumstance.” Our main character has an affair because she is unhappy in her marriage. The first section is a romantic duet showing the sensual nature of the affair. The second section looks into her relationship with her husband. Their relationship has become cold and loveless.Section three is the resolution.

Photo by Rachel Neville

Piano Pieces (Sextet – 3 Duets)

A light and airy piece comprised of 3 duets . the first movement is set to music by Wim Statius Muller. The next duet, set to Scriabin, is that dark couple who show up to the party and never seem to really want to socialize because they are consumed with their own personal drama. The 3rd duet is a fun and dancy duet set to the music of Scarlatti. This duet represents that couple that hits the dance floor, are the bestdancers at almost every party and seem to bring new life and light to any and every party they attend. A great opener or closer for any program.

Photo by Rachel Neville

Scenes (Sextet)

Scenes” (revised) is set to the music of Marcello and Chopin. A piece for 4 dancers that can be expanded for 8 or 10, it is a joyous and celebratory look into the power of community, togetherness and love for our fellow man and woman. This piece is dedicated to Ruth Currier and premiered at Summerstage NYC 2012.

Photo by Rachel Neville

Amor Brutal (Quintet)

Mr Morales created “Amor Brutal” in memory of his father who died in 2012. In it he looks at his parent’s troubled marriage. The first four movements are set to DeFalla’s Spanish folksongs and the fifth movement to “Amor Brutal” in a recording by Isaac Morales, the choreographer’s father. The piece, originally set on Staten Island Ballet, has been performed at Summerstage NYC 2012 and at The Theater of The Riverside Church.

Photo by Rachel Neville

Pleased 2 Meet U (Duet)

Started in 2000, this duet has taken on many different interpretations and has been danced by 2 women, a man and woman and can be danced by 2 men. Set to the music of Martinu cello and piano, this duet in 3 sections is fun, whimsical and light hearted.It captures the essence of what it is like to meet someone you grow to love and trust.

Photo by Vibecke Dahle

The Crossing

The Crossing by Kate Skarpetowska is a dark and meditative work for four dancers set to the music of MURCOF. It is inspired by images of a passage through a scorched and charred environment where black ash swirls in the heavy air. Simultaneously, it evokes a feeling of apprehension, as the dancer’s journey through the falling space around them, and creates a peaceful and quiet setting from which one could gather the broken pieces and find the strength to rebuild.

Photo by Rachel Neville

The Rest of Your Life

Created for 8 student dancers from Ballet Forte where Mr. Morales teaches Modern Dance classes and choreographs. This is created especially for the youth of Ballet Forte as a question posed to them, what are you doing with the rest of your life?” What does the future bring and how are you going to move yourself forward into early adulthood. In this piece the dancers feed off each other and become a powerful group. The power of all 8 of them moving toward the same thing. The first section is very energetic and then comes to a resolution with the music of Shirley Bassey’s “The Rest of Your Life”.

Photo by Rachel Neville

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